BOEY SYSTEM LLC is a brand new company Located in North Las Vegas. Our vision is to bring you cutting edge products at affordable prices.


“Entertainment For Your Brain”.


We at BOEY SYSTEM bring our customers the most unique cutting edge products. Our goal is to bring the most current technology to the forefront and the latest in entertainment for our customer to reek the benefits of some of the best products offered at prices you can afford. Efficiency in today’s fast pace market is very important to our customers, so we understand the importance of bringing them products to keep them on top with what technology has to offer and entertainment to enjoy for years to come.

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Our goal has been to earn the trust of our customers. To do this we knew we must offer competitive pricing, but we also knew low prices alone could not make our business superior. We were determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after the sale. We understood that long term customer satisfaction depended on our ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service staff assisted by the best support systems.


My son and I love the Boey System Extreme. I have tried a couple different TV boxes in the past, but this is far more superior.  Now my son can play all his favorite android games and I have a lot more access to free shows and movies then before. Thanks Boey System!

Samantha M

We bought the BOEY SYSTEM Extreme and loved it so much, we ended up buying the kids console for our daughter. Now we no longer have TV bills. I cannot believe how much free TV shows, movies and games we now have to watch. Well worth the price.

M Schwartz

I bought the BOEY EXTREME and am very happy I made the purchase. You just want to make sure you have high speed internet so you can run it efficiently. I didn’t have very good internet when I first got it and couldn’t figure out why it was so slow loading content. After I checked out the requirements, I upgraded my internet and it runs great. Now I can watch all my sports, loving it!


I was surprised the amount of power and ram the extreme has, much more then my Roku box that I previously had. After watching the commercial and seeing all it could do, I decided to buy it. Once I received the unit, I noticed once in the system, it was rooted and has the new android system, which is great for even the more advanced android users. Loads of versatility and it definitely lives up to all the hype. I am very happy with my new entertainment center.

Our core values

Nine years in the making starting with LostSoul Entertainment, JOBOHNY, and now BOEY SYSTEM. We hope to soon have Millions of satisfied customers, our testimony to the success of our efforts.

“Entertainment For Your Brain”
we love what we do