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Get up to $50 off on our BOEY SYSTEM ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS, plus get Free Shipping!

We are so confident you will love your BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME & Kids Console, we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Classic Consoles, Android Games & More!

With the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME & Kids Console, get access to 1000’s of games, free and paid on Play Store, etc.. Our Entertainment Centers have 3gb ram and can handle high graphic games. Play your old classic console games and more!

Core Features

The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME Is One Of The Most Powerful TV Boxes Available Today And Comes With The Most Accessories!

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Multi-Color Light up Keyboard / Mouse Combo
Our Keyboard / Mouse combo lights up blue, red or green so you can see all the keys in a dark room. Just glide your finger across the top smooth box and watch the mouse cursor move on the screen. The Keyboard can also work as a game controller on some games.
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Adjustable Web Cam with Manual Focus
Use Skype or IMO to video chat and stay connected with friends and family. The web cam is adjustable and can sit on a flat surface or mount to the top of your TV.
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Wireless/Bluetooth Game Controller/Mouse Combo
The game controller is wireless and works using bluetooth. Hit the red center button to switch to Air Mouse Mode so you can use is as a mouse. Certain android games require a mouse, so this is perfect. The game controller will also control the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME. It feels very similar to a Playstation Controller.
The Ultimate Entertainment Center
Say Goodbye To High Cable Bills!


Access To

Over 500,000

Movies, TV Episodes, TV Channels, Apps, Games and so much more! Access to Free & Paid TV including all your favorite networks and providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV Shows, just to name a few. Enjoy endless entertainment meanwhile saving money!

BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME has everything you need in one place!

What You Want, When you Want It

Entertainment For The Whole Family!
Free Entertainment “No Monthly Fees”

Get access to hundreds of TV Channels & thousands of Movies, TV Episodes, Documentaries, Music Videos, Apps, Games and so much more, all for Free!

Also watch breaking global and local news. You can now keep up to date and watch all your favorite sports. Direct access to all your favorite android games that you can now play on your big screen TV. Just too much to mention and all for FREE!

Paid Services – Live TV, All The Channels You Love

Get access to your favorite premium TV channels for as low as $20.00/month. Sling & Vue both offer access to all your channels at a low cost. Also get direct access to all your favorite networks, just pay for what you like to watch and save lots on your cable bill!

Paid Services – Direct Access To Your Favorite Networks

BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME has everything you need in one place free and paid entertainment. Even get direct access to your favorite network, just pay for what you like to watch and save lots on your cable bill!

Extra Features

The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME Has Everything You Need And More!

Streaming Live TV Channels
Sport, News, Movies, TV Shows and more, for kids and adults. Now you can watch over 100+ Live TV Channels for Free. The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME also gives you access to all your paid networks so you can pay just for the channels you want.
Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries
For kids & adults, get access to Free Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries and more. Binge watch a full season of your favorite TV Show. Endless movies, shows and Documentaries to choose from. Even rent a movie that is in theaters. With the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME, your options are limitless.
Android Games, Classic Retro Games And Apps
Get access to 1000's of Games and Apps for your BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME for Free. Play high graphic games, access to all your favorite classic console games or work on documents. The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME has everything you need and more! You also have access to endless paid Games & Apps.
Easy To Install

Plugin in the included HDMI cable to the back of the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME. Plug in the power supply once connected to your TV.


Plug the other end of the cable into an HDMI port on the back of your TV.


All 3 accessories that are included, can control the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME.

Kids Entertainment Center

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What our customers have to say

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about all our products.


My son and I love the Boey System Extreme. I have tried a couple different TV boxes in the past, but this is far more superior.  Now my son can play all his favorite android games and I have a lot more access to free shows and movies then before. Thanks Boey System!

Samantha M

We bought the BOEY SYSTEM Extreme and loved it so much, we ended up buying the kids console for our daughter. Now we no longer have TV bills. I cannot believe how much free TV shows, movies and games we now have to watch. Well worth the price.

M Schwartz

I bought the BOEY EXTREME and am very happy I made the purchase. You just want to make sure you have high speed internet so you can run it efficiently. I didn’t have very good internet when I first got it and couldn’t figure out why it was so slow loading content. After I checked out the requirements, I upgraded my internet and it runs great. Now I can watch all my sports, loving it!


I was surprised the amount of power and ram the extreme has, much more then my Roku box that I previously had. After watching the commercial and seeing all it could do, I decided to buy it. Once I received the unit, I noticed once in the system, it was rooted and has the new android system, which is great for even the more advanced android users. Loads of versatility and it definitely lives up to all the hype. I am very happy with my new entertainment center.

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Entertainment At it’s finest

The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME offers lot’s of extra amenities that help make life simple.

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Faq’s & Requirements

Upon purchasing our Entertainment Consoles, you will be supplied a link to our support and tutorials pages. You will also gain access to news updates and articles providing helpful tips and tricks to getting the most out of your BOEY SYSTEM, thank you!

Yes, the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME and the BOEY SYSTEM KIDS CONSOLE both require high speed internet to function properly. Depending upon what TV apps you watch such as Sling TV, Crackle, Pluto TV, ABC, NBC, Netflix, Hulu, etc., they all have their own recommendation for internet speed to stream their content. Please visit their TV app websites for more.

If you take advantage of all the free TV Apps in the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME & KIDS CONSOLE, as well as access to the 1000’s of free Movies, Shows, Games, apps, TV apps, etc., available on Google Play Store, Amazon Prime, etc., there are no fees or contracts, it’s totally free! There are only fee’s associated if you choose to watch TV Apps that are a paid service. The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME & KIDS CONSOLE have the best of both worlds, giving you even more entertainment options.

The BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME & KIDS CONSOLE are very easy to setup. We not only provide extra directions and tips for each accessory that comes with the BOEY SYSTEM EXTREME & KIDS CONSOLE, but we also offer all our BOEY SYSTEM Customers a special link to a support page that gives you videos on how to, and loads more tips and information.

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