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Game Support

Trouble Shooting

Game Pad Controller & Air Mouse


– Your blue-tooth game controller will already be paired and ready to go. Simply press the center red button to turn it on and it will pair.

– With Android games, not all games work with the game controller, however the games installed on the BOEY do work with it. So when installing a game, make sure to see if it supports game pads/controllers.

– This game controller also has a air mouse built in. Just hit the red button once and use your red joystick handles to control the mouse.

– Most android game require a mouse to operate. You can also use your keyboard mouse as well. Most the games you will need your keyboard to hit esc or remote to hit the back button to exit properly.

– To charge the game controller, plug in the usb cable to the game controller and plug it into the usb slot on the box or a computer.

Note: If you install a big file size android game with heavy graphics, be careful not fill up the space on your internal storage, it can bog down your BOEY SYSTEM making it run inefficiently. If you have to, uninstall a big game like Asphalt 8 that is already installed on the BOEY SYSTEM to make extra room for your new games.

Unfortunately at this time, android games cannot be ran from the external SD Card on the BOEY SYSTEM because the apps that make this possible for phones, etc., do not work with this system
because it is to new yet. You can monitor the extra room you have on your internal storage by opening ES File Explorer.

If you have any problems when playing games, for example game locks up, or cannot exit, etc., hit Ctrl-Alt-Del at the same time on the keyboard. This will reboot the BOEY SYSTEM. You can also unplug the BOEY SYSTEM for 5 sec and plug it back in, this will reset the system. For more, visit our support page.

You can install games from Google Play Store. There are free and paid games. Simply sign into Google Play Store, select games and install the games you want.

You can also install games from Google Games in the game section. Here you can set up a profile and keep track of game play and more.

You can use “Search NVIDIA SHIELD” app to find high graphic games on Play Store as well as other apps. This is the only way to access these high graphic games with Play Store services. If you sign in using your own account, this will allow you to purchase games. If you use the free sign using the app it’s self, you can only download free games and apps.

You can also use “NVIDIA TEGRAZONE” to read up and find new games. This is a great app to let you know whats available and all the new games that are coming out soon.

A lot of these more high graphic games are actually streamed, so it is important you have good high speed internet.

Note: Keep in mind with these high graphic games they are much bigger in size. So pay close attention to how much space you fill up on your internal drive. You can check how much space you have by using ES File Explorer. Rule of thumb is to not fill over 3/4 of your space to keep the BOEY SYSTEM running fast and efficiently. So as you install new games, you might need to uninstall previous games to make room.

To play your favorite classic console games, use the “Games Classics Brought To Life” app in the game section. Here you will find endless games to play.

To play your favorite PC games, you can use the Vortex app in the game section. Make sure you have good high speed internet for streaming games. For more on tutorials, you can YouTube the Vortex app to see tutorials and how it works.

To uninstall a game

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select apps
  3. Scroll down, find your game
  4. Select the game and choose uninstall